‘24.eco competition 

[Dutch premiere]
2023 | Brazil, Portugal | 124’
by Renée Nader Messora, João Salaviza


Pressing film about the Krahô people of Brazil, fighting for their existence and that of the Amazon, which was rightfully awarded at Cannes for the way it was made in close collaboration with its ensemble of non-actors. A lyrical blend of documentary and fiction, culminating in massive Indigenous demonstrations in Brasília. It fuses past and present,  systemic expulsion and defiance. 

May 11 | 15:45 | Studio/K

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Including an after talk (35’) with different climate and Indigenous activists. We will have a conversation on neo-colonial land-taking, deforestation on Indigenous land and its effects. Not only will we discuss what is happening, but also how we (unknowingly or unwillingly) contribute to this, and how we ourselves can do something about this.

From Stop Ecocide NL Judith Alkema, legal counsel and political campaigner, will join. For info on the other panelists check our Instagram and website.

June 19 | 20:00 | Movie W
screened together with Wild Summon (14’)

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