Everyday our lives are flooded by crises, not least of all a seemingly ever-growing climate crisis. It is therefore no surprise that Dutch society has seen a proliferation of protests. Sprouts wants to make the cinema a site of protest by addressing these crises at hand through fiction film, because the power of the imagination can help us battle polarization and foresee effective ways of living together harmoniously with one another and the more-than-human world.

As a festival we strive towards a greener and more diverse alternative to the regular films on offer in Amsterdam. Cinema can make tangible how our current global extinction crisis is never isolated. Battling racism and xenofobia, fighting for LGBTIQ+ and women’s rights, decolonizing Europe, adressing mental health, these issues and more all intersect and find a voice at Sprouts.  

French philosopher Gaston Bachelard wrote of our imagination as being botanical. Like a rooted tree that can connect the sky and the earth, the real and the dreamed. At Sprouts we could not agree more. Fiction makes up our festival DNA. That many of our selected eco films are also first works attests to the importance felt by a new generation of filmmakers to better take care of what we have. Sprouts wishes to nurture these brave trailblazers. We hope that you too will give them your full support.

Throughout the year Sprouts is dedicated to offer more. This website functions as a running archive voor fictional ecocinema in order to broaden the category, because there is more than The Day After Tomorrow (2004). Now we need it more than ever. We also organise monthly screenings at Studio/K.