Eco Expo: Jasper Coppes

What are the ecological consequences of dumping contaminated soil into public water? 

And can toxicity lead to new nature? These questions are central to the short film and accompanying installation, KALIWAAL.

Artist Jasper Baldwin Coppes approaches filmmaking as a process of inquiry into contested sites. Long-term dialogues with places, people and other entities form the basis of his practice.

Our cultural program, running from May 9-12, aims to deepen the ecological and social dialogue initiated by our festival. Featuring an eco exhibition and a live audiovisual concert, it offers rich material for contemplation and discussion.

9 - 12 MAY

 Thu-Fri 13:00-19:30
Sat. 11th 15:00-19:30
Sun. 12th 13:00-17:00

︎︎︎ the eco expo is free to visit︎︎︎

On Saturday there will be a reception with
the artists of the exbibition and some drinksfrom 17:00 till 19:30. Followed with the live AV show (ticketed) at 20:00.