‘23.debut competition

Croatia / 2022 / “102
From Juraj Lerotić

Jury award

A highly personal fictionalization of director Juraj Lerotić’s own journey to save his suicidal brother, while being bogged down by failing institutions. Decaying buildings, a clever breaking of the fourth wall and a sensitive sound design help channel the attention to three stellar performances. A sobering, heartfelt look at mental health problems and their crushing effects on aiding family members.

This film was shown at May 11th & 13th 2023 at Studio/K

Screening + Talk
*After the screening on May 11, we are going to talk with Marlou Ruijter and other t.b.a. speakers from Stichting Percival about the failing mental healthcare system and what can be changed. Stichting Perceval is founded by “the mad” (Gekken) for “the mad”. The term “the mad” is used as a reclaimed nickname, because they don’t want to use medical diagnoses to label themselves. Stichting Perceval is an inclusive community, open to all individuals.

Currently, the foundation offers three types of programs. The first is the madstudies reading groups. The second is a bi-monthly film program with a focus on the theme of madness. Lastly, Peerbuntu is a peer counseling group program.